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Immersive Arts

Microphone Sound Editing

Audio Theatre

Immersive Comedy

Audio Theatre is a natural progression from our collaboration on the Memories of Dartington film, XR21 Symposium and our work on the Strangewood series. 

We'll be releasing new immersive comedy, music, and documentary podcasts every week exclusively on our Patreon page. 

We're inviting you to engage with our ‘menagerie of creativity’, to support our work, and to become a patron of the arts. By subscribing, downloading, and engaging with us on Patreon, you'll be joining our community and helping us create even more immersive content.

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PROJECT 1925-2025

A vision of Utopia: Exploring virtual rooms using 360° VR and 3D scanning


XR21 is exploring avenues to augment its research team and gain funding to create an immersive live experience that celebrates the progressive ideas of the ‘English Experiment’ that was created by The Elmhirsts in 1925 at Dartington Hall in Devon, UK.

Inspired by the social idealism of the social reformer Rabindranath Tagore and still nursing the trauma of losing siblings and a husband during the period of the First World War and 1918 pandemic, the Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst decided to set up their own school for their children and provide philanthropic support for the local community.

An immersive audio recording featuring the music and sound design of Gilbert Gabriel mixed at Peter Gabriel’s
RealWorld studios, brings the story to life. The soundtrack and score to the film Memories of Dartington spotlight the audio recording which also includes The Dream Academy’s In Places on the Run. The full immersive audio theatre piece will be serialised on Audio Theatre's Patreon.

More info on our blog.

Model young man with beard in glasses of virtual reality on dark background. Augmented reality, futu

XR21 Manifesto

XR21 is an international collective of immersive artists who are exploring the possibilities of art and sound to ‘create’, ‘inform’ and 'perform'. Our aim is to explore and utilize the creative potential of VR, AR, MR and XR for exhibition, performance, education and business and our main objectives are to:

  • Create: conceive artistic work, production and performance

  • Connect: global networking

  • Learn: increase competences and professional development

  • Explore: research and collaboration

Our first symposium took place on September 25th in the Market Hall, Devonport in collaboration with Real ideas. The Symposium included speakers and practitioners who introduced virtual reality and immersive arts. It included workshops and a film exhibition.

Official Partners of the Immersive Arts Symposium


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Event Partner

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out.

Immersive Arts Symposium 25th September

History and Evolution of XR

The event featured an exhibition of immersive films and workshops which investigated the history and evolution of AR, VR, MR, XR that was led by Amy Edwards. Musaab Garhouti introduced   participants to 3D scanning and the implementation of visuals for Immersive Domes. The overall feedback from attendees at the event was very good and we are steadily building a database of contributors and participants for the future .

Image by XR Expo
Gaming Station

Binaural sound, Surround Sound and Ambisonics

Gilbert Gabriel investigated the development of spatial sound.  He presented how immersive audio in conjunction with immersive imagery can radicalise medicine, space travel and entertainment. He said: "Filmmakers, musicians, artists, dancers and XR creators will revolutionise how they design and tell stories via the plethora of tools that are now emerging."

Moving Forward

The XR21 team will keep everyone involved on future events as we develop the Symposium concept for other regions, produce  “The Art of Dreaming” as a multi-faceted Immersive

Video Game Developers

XR creation Brooke Einbender / Gilbert Gabriel 2021

Apocalypse remixed : Oliver Harrison/Gilbert Gabriel 2021

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