XR21 Collective


Composer and Sound Semiotician

Dr Gilbert Gabriel is a professional musician and academic. His work as a songwriter, film music composer, and producer has been featured around the world on TV, Films & Radio.  His studies in music, film and sound include Dartington College of Arts, Goldsmith's University, Westminster University and Berklee Music College where he completed a Masters in Film and TV Orchestration. In 2012, Gilbert completed his doctoral thesis exploring the semiotic power of soundtracks with professor Theo Van Leeuwen.

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XR Artist

Brooke Einbender, a.k.a. “Mindbender Art”, is a pioneer in the exploration of XR (extended reality) art & community-based VR (virtual reality) collaboration. She’s establishing new frontiers at the intersection of where art and technology meet in the context of its impact on human consciousness. She creates mind-bending experiences purposed to harness spiritual energy; transporting the viewer to different inter-spatial dimensions. Her work blends several disciplines into one - painting, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, projection-mapping, and video.


Kris Pilcher (U.S.A)

VR Dream Technician

Kris Pilcher is an award winning mixed-reality artist who brings dreams to life through installations and digital technology. He creates hyper narrative projects that destroy the boundaries of reality. His work is informed by the great digital divide. He is interested in merging forms of altered reality thanks to our rapidly advancing technology and how these new realities affect our cognition and interaction with the normality of physical existence.
I believe that mankind is on a precipice of technological evolution and I find it interesting to be able to experience and explore this transition. His work has been seen throughout the world and in Corporate Sectors.

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Amy Edwards (U.K.)

Cellist, Composer and Educator

Amy is a highly skilled educator and musician. Amy has played the cello since she was a child and has lived and breathed music ever since. She believes that music is our world's common language and is a vital tool in life. Amy has enjoyed working with the Games Development learners developing immersive environments for their projects. Whilst music is Amy's first love, education is a close second. Amy completed her MA in Education in 2020, and her next step is to research the development of immersion in education and how this can positively impact learning.


Dominka Hoyle (Poland)

Interdisciplinary artist, VJ

Dominika gained a first in multimedia at Falmouth University and is now a postgraduate  student at Poznań University of Art in Poland. Her art methodology deploys  absurdity, irony and black humor. She combines video, animation, live performance and installations in her work. She has collaborated  with several  musicians and DJ’s  in  the UK and Poland. Her influences include Peter Greenaway, Mark Leckey, Ed Atkins and Monty Python.


Senior Technician (360 Film & TV)

Craig is a filmmaker and educator. He teaches the techniques and craft of Film and Animation at the University of Plymouth, Devon. His specialist interest and expertise lies within the domain of 360 Immersive Filmmaking.  His accomplishments include the direction of music videos, video installations, mental health documentaries and several 360 Films. In 2010 he wrote and directed a 360 immersive science fiction drama ‘Panoptica’.  It was filmed at The University of Plymouth and screened at the ICCI 360 Film Festival in that year.

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Klaudia Snios (Poland)

Dancer + Choreographer

Klaudia Snios is a dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue. Her movement research is focused on physical dance, narrative and storytelling. Her mission is to entertain, as well as educate audiences, as she explores movement through multimedia collaboration and immersive experiences. Klaudia has traveled around the world training in multiple dance styles (jazz, contemporary, and ballet). Klaudia has worked with a diverse array of choreographers and musicians in productions that range from contemporary dance, opera, musicals, and commercial performance.


Rein Bijlsma (Netherlands)

XR Artist

Rein Bijlsma is a photorealist painter and Virtual Reality artist based in the Netherlands. He discovered VR painting in 2016 and has been building immersive dream worlds ever since. He creates impossible, surrealist art that forms magical experiences for his viewers. Rein is exploring the possibilities of XR art through infinite experimentation. He combines different programs in his work including Tilt Brush,  Open Brush, Colory VR, Photoshop and more.


Josipa Filipović (Croatia)

Funding and Promotion Specialist

Josipa is an international marketing and promotion specialist based-in Croatia. She has worked in the IT and entrepreneurial business for the last 20 years. She is currently working in the immersive arts and is an ambassador for the Dalmation coast and tourism.


Aidan Hoyle (Poland)

Creative Strategist

Aidan Hoyle is a Creative Strategist & Business Advisor. He works with creative artists and dynamic technology companies to help fulfill their vision to bring an app, audio-visual experience or event to the respective audience or market. He advises on branding, content and bringing products to market for composers that include Gilbert Gabriel and Steve Lambert.


Dana Jacobson (U.S.A)

Ex-New York City Ballet

Dana is a dancer and certified fitness trainer currently based in Los Angeles. During her seven years in the corps de ballet of the New York City Ballet (2009-2016), Dana danced in over 100 choreographies by George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Peter Martins, Christopher Wheeldon, Alexei Ratmansky, and Benjamin Millepied, to original music from the likes of Paul McCartney to Igor Stravinsky. Dana has a BA in Dance from Columbia University and a Personal Trainer certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Phoebe Hoyle (U.K.)

Circus Performer and Owner of Cirque de Silk

Experienced Entertainer with a demonstrated history of working in the performing arts industry. Skilled in Theatre, Entertainment, Circus, Dance, and Teaching. Strong education professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Street Performance from University of Winchester.


Timmy Edens (USA)

Full Dome Consultant and VJ

Timmy Edens is an international dome VJ who uses domes as an immersive space to create installations for Nike, Adult Swim, Vortex Immersion, Center of Creative Consciousness, Dome Guys, New Mexico Arts, Audi, Microsoft and Super Bowl. Timmy enables visual artists to express their creativity in the realm of the immersive dome. He takes artistic expressions and upscales it for the Digital Dome. He believes collaboration and knowledge share with artists is key to the development of the dome medium. Not only has he deep expertese in dome projection and installation but is also a prolific 360 content creator.


 Wojtek Olchowski (Poland)

360 Film Director, Environmental activist

Wojtek Olchowski is the creator and producer of cinematic virtual reality (CVR) films that have been shown at international film festivals worldwide. His film “Sector” won the Best 360 Fim Award at the Sehsüchte Festival in 2021 in Berlin. He is the creative producer  of over 100 short films. Wojtek is the coordinator of the CVR team in the Erasmus XR international research and education programme and runs the VR Science Club in Lodz Film School. Wojtek is currently studying for his PhD in CVR (cinematic virtual reality) directing at Łódż Film School. He is a social activist and long-time development aid volunteer.

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Jérémy Oury

Immersive and XR Artist

Jeremy Oury combines audio and visual skills to make singular digital forms presented as fulldome, architectural mapping or in the theater. He focuses his artwork on exploring illusions from geometric distortions, on the synesthesia between sound and video, and on immersive forms that place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe disrupting his perception of space. His artwork was awarded in international video mapping festivals and fulldome festivals and his work has also been shown in many digital festivals. He also works with theaters companies and digital art installations with the artist Apach and the ARCAAN collective. Full bio.