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About XR21

XR21 is an international collective of immersive artists who are exploring the possibilities of art and sound to ‘create’, ‘inform’ and ‘perform’. Our aim is to explore and utilize the creative potential of VR, AR, MR and XR for exhibition, performance, education and business.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Create: conceive artistic work, production and performance

  • Connect: global networking

  • Learn: increase competences and professional development

  • Explore: research and collaboration

Our first symposium will be in collaboration with Real Ideas, a community-based resource and ‘social empowerment engine’ for local people. It includes a team of international speakers and practitioners who will introduce virtual reality and the immersive arts. The symposium will include workshops, an exhibition and a world premiere of a new concept piece called The Art of Dreaming, which has been especially designed for the inauguration of one of the largest and cutting-edge immersive Domes in Europe.

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