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An evening celebrating the legacy of Dartington Hall with XR21 and Anna Neima

Anna Neima: QA on The Utopians: Six Attempts to build a perfect society.

Anna Neima is a historian with a PhD from the University of Cambridge. She is a respected and renowned authority on communalism, utopias and Dartington Hall. She was brought up locally and is fascinated by Dartington and its history.

“Fascinating…by showing how a global crisis can lead people to question tradition and reshape society, the subject remains important to this day.” Guy Stagg, The Spectator.

XR21: Mindmaps, Madcaps and Buddha’s cat. A spatial audio retrospective of Dartington Hall from 1925-1985.

The premiere of a celebration of Dartington Hall’s legacy using the latest immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound techniques. Fact, fiction, self-reflection and laughter featuring ex-alumni Dave Thompson (Ex Tinky Winky and now a comedian lauded by Ben Elton and Harry Hill). Featuring the music and sound design of Gilbert Gabriel mixed at Peter Gabriel’s RealWorld studios, including The Dream Academy’s In Places on the Run. The project will include a curated selection of Dartington Hall’s archive by Ali Donkin.

Written and conceived by Gilbert Gabriel and Aidan Hoyle.

Ticket price £15.

Saturday October 29th, 2022, at 20:00

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