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Memories of Dartington - New XR21 Film

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

MEMORIES OF DARTINGTON at the Barn Cinema, Dartington Hall, Devon, UK on October 29th at 20:00-21:00

Tickets £10

Box Office Tel: 01803847070. Every day from 13:00-19:00 or book online.

A wealthy American heiress and her English husband attempt to build Utopia. The film embraces a collection of archive film, stories and photos. It attempts to conjure up some of the wonderful essence and legacy of Dartington and those that have been enraptured by its wonderful environment.

An affectionate film, using archive footage, that delves into the story of Dartington Hall. Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst moved to Devon in 1925 to set up a utopia in the beautiful grounds of Dartington Hall. They bought a ruin and rebuilt it into a place of magic, beauty and art, as well as developing local industry. Since then, many students, teachers and luminaries have been there, including Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Lucien Freud, Ravi Shankar and the social reformer Michael Young. Told with reverence, and a bit of mischief, it features the music of Gilbert Gabriel (The Dream Academy) a recounting of Dave Thompson's (Ex-Tinky Winky) student days at Dartington College and an interview with Anna Neima, discussing her book The Utopians.

The film was directed by XR21's Gilbert Gabriel and produced by Aidan Hoyle and Alice Leach.

It features:

- Dave Thompson and Aidan Hoyle

- A recorded Q&A session with Anna Neima (Six Utopias).

- A Curated archive of Dartington films by Ali Donkin

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