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Immersive Comedy on the Horizon

Well, at last, things are coming together, "out of the ashes... and all that." Our team at Audio Theatre is launching their new Patreon site, AUDIO THEATRE, next week.

There seems to be a pool of comic artistic talent in the South West. I'm not sure if it's something they put in the water or the psychotropic drugs (who knows what curious potions the Tories allow to swirl around there)!

Anyway, John Cleese grew up in Somerset, and most of the Comic Strip migrated to Devon. Not only was my multi-talented friend Aidan Hoyle a fellow Somerset boy at school, but the eponymous Ex-Tinky Winky and stand-up legend, Dave Thompson, also grew up in Somerset. By some wonderful serendipity, I just met an old friend of Tinky called Mart. He is an excellent drummer from the former anarchic experimental punk band Furious Pig and has an appropriate wild imagination for our team.

Mart was the house drummer for the Comic Strip Club in the 80s and knows all those great team members like Peter Richardson, Rik Mayall, etc. I tried to persuade Peter Richardson last year to help me with a spoof on Dartington Hall, but that is another story. Not only is he hilarious, but he also produced that wonderful video for Kate Bush, "The Sensual World." Anyway, to wrap up, two wonderful Patreon sites on the way: AUDIO THEATRE and INTO THE REALM.

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