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XR21 Immersive Arts Film Programme

Immersive arts gives a whole new opportunity for creators to tell stories in innovative and embracing ways.This set of curated films has been chosen to explore a wide variety of cultural applications for 360 cinema. This includes culture, business, cinema, science, travel, arts, and animation.

The Beach (UK)

Filmed and Directed by Musaab Garghouti with music by Gilbert Gabriel.

This film introduces the ability to experience an environment using 360. Its high definition  cinematography and surround sound music captures the landscape as if you are there. 

The Fly (UK)

Filmed and Directed by Musaab Garghouti with music by Gilbert Gabriel.

How can we use 360 film to understand science? This example of 3D scanning gives an anatomical portrayal of a ​​drosophila fly. The use of electronic sounds and binaural panning helps to create a dystopian sense of alienation.

Into the Dream (USA)

Visual art by Brooke Einbender and music by Gilbert Gabriel. Rendered by Craig Whyte.

How can we experience art created by an artist in a virtual world? Brooke Einbender composes her creations using Tilt Brush and then records herself within the virtual space so that we can also share in the feeling of observing XR art. The audience whirl through a series of coloured dissolving geometric shapes in a tapestry of stars accompanied by a 5.1 soundscape.

Driving in LA 1 (USA)

Filmed by Timmy Edens with music by Gilbert Gabriel and Carlos Fraccalvieri

Can 360 immersive film contribute to protecting the environment? Let’s look at Los Angeles as if we were actually there. Perhaps 360 full dome experiences are a way in which we can ‘feel’ a place on the other side of the world - without flying thousands of miles to get there. A  jazz-fusion soundscape locates the viewer in this scenario as we travel at night through the heart of the city. 

Colour Healing (USA)

Filmed by Timmy Edens with music by Gilbert Gabriel.

This short film explores the colours of sound and vision. It is a sensory break from reality as colour and  surround sound music wrap around us.

Extinction Rebellion - “Wdowy” (PL)

Filmed by Wojtek Olchowski with music by Gilbert Gabriel.

Here is an example where ‘environmental issues’ are represented by the use of immersive film. While watching a seemingly insignificant scene, a group of protesters march towards us. The soundtrack progressively introduces instruments that build the drama of their protest.

Panoptica (UK)

This science fiction film was written and directed by Craig Whyte with sound design and music by Jack Offord.

It was made for the ICCI 360 Film Festival. The true resolution of this film is 9600 x 1080 and is best viewed on a panoramic 360 film screen, whereby the audience are completely immersed and literally right in the middle of the action of the film.

Driving in LA 2 (USA)

Filmed by Timmy Edens with music by Gilbert Gabriel and Carlos Fraccalvieri

Like his previous film, we travel through LA during the night. A new look at a city that gave birth to the artform of cinema with its use of technology, stars and storytelling.

Snowboarding (USA)

Filmed by Timmy Edens with music by Gilbert Gabriel.

An example of how immersive film can be used to represent sporting events. This film takes us on a first-person journey on a snowboard. Shades and rap provide the ‘cool’ vibe.

The Beach Scene from “Sector” (PL)

Filmed by Wojtek Olchowski with music by Gilbert Gabriel.

This is the opening scene from Wojtek’s award-winning immersive ecological protest film Sector. Expressed through a dancer emerging from the sea, it is an artistic impression on the controversial human transformation of the landscape and biotope, in the form of an immersive 360-degree video. It won ‘Best 360° FILM Award’ at the Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival.

Immersive (FR)

Film Jérémy Oury with sound by Antoine Briot. Production : ARCAAN Collective

Jérémy combines audio and visual skills to make singular mapping or digital installation and promote a fresh vision of audiovisual arts. “Immersive” is an award-winning film (360° installation / VR - Public Award ICIA 2019) with full immersive sound. He focuses on illusions formed from geometric distortions of Moiré's effects and works on immersive forms in order to place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe to disrupt his perception of space. The film won Best Fulldome Short Form Award at the Macon film festival 2019 and Best 360 Film Award at HIFF 2019.

Skylark (FR)
Jeremy Oury uses visual distortions and unexpected narrations. These sound partitions are inspired by abstract textures with several sound layers, radically transformed sounds and electronic samples playing with the full width of the spectrum. This video content combines different geometric and abstract forms to create distortion and tension. These creations immerse the spectator in a mix of light, shadow and illusion.

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