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A vision of Utopia: DARTINGTON CENTENARY PROJECT 1925-2025

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

XR21 is developing an immersive project for 360 headsets that will celebrate the 100 anniversary of The Elmhirsts’ “English Experiment" at Dartington Hall.

Its aim is to produce an immersive cinematic storytelling project that will encompass archive and bespoke performances that explore their amazing vision of an egalitarian society in the heart of Devon. A place where artists, dancers, musicians, social reformers and the local community could socialize and foster a more open-minded approach to life that embraced different cultures, creeds and philosophy.

The Dartington Hall ethos was to engender compassion, trust and tolerance in an environmentally aware and egalitarian society. Some of the luminaries that are associated with Dartington include: Igor Stravinsky, Rudolf Laban, Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, Rabindranath Tagore and Michael Young who helped to implement and conceive the 1945 English Welfare System , The Open University and Arts Council.

This ‘virtual’ experience will explores the Elmhirsts' visions as well as those of their contemporaries and descendants via ‘memory boxes’ with titles such as the Room Of Dreams, Room Of Memories and the Room of Utopia. It will not only explore the wonders of their legacy but how this can be used as a positive influence for future generations as far as education, the arts, philosophy and environmental awareness is concerned, perhaps, even inspiring new utopias.

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